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Amsterdam in Bloom

After a prolonged and gloomy winter in Stockholm, David and I were eager to travel somewhere that had a legitimate semblance of spring.

In March to April of 2017, we booked an impulse (and much needed) trip to Amsterdam. Spring in Amsterdam means locals are waking up from the spell of the winter, plants are sexing it up in - full force, youngsters are running amok on the streets, coffee shops are LIT with tourists, and you can gladly toss your raincoat in the closet.

Amsterdam was one of our favorite cities to be a tourist in. Here are the highlights:

  • Walk the canals.
  • Visit a cafe and ride a rocket into outer space with some funny cake while you're at it.
  • Get to know Vincent van Gogh, really.
  • Have a chi-chi breakfast at Gartine.
  • Eat mussels and drink gin at Mossels & Gin.
  • Explore a local park, after visiting a coffee shop/cafe of course.
  • Visit Katten Kabinet, an art museum of cats. Pet the cats as much as you want or until you get bitten cause you're being too handsy.
  • Sip on some tea at Bocca Coffee Roasters after getting a deep tissue massage.
  • Take lots and lots of photos!

We fell in love with Amsterdam and will definitely be back next spring!

Laney's Playlist to Amsterdam in Bloom

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