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About Laney

Hi, I’m Laney! I genuinely care about creating products, services, and experiences that make people smile, realize something new about themselves, and make their lives more fulfilling. I love answering the why through customer engagement, human-centered approaches, qualitative/quantitative data, and complexity awareness. I’m your go-to person for tackling ambiguous problem spaces, strategically and tactically. My motto: Do the right thing, for the right people, at the right time.

I began my career in Product & Technology in 2008, serving as a Frontend Engineer and Designer for multifarious clients, ranging from non-profits to small startups, to large enterprises.

Over the past 5 years, I have grown into my role as Product Lead, working closely with cross-functional teams to build world-class products and services that inspire and create meaningful change throughout the world – with deep thought on how products create a positive impact on the lives of people as we move into the gig economy and new creative economy.

I have the natural gift of building relationships, seeing diverse perspectives, and understanding group dynamics to build high-performing teams. I’m super passionate about listening to and advocating for customers. I take time to deeply empathize with people, understanding their needs and motivations to provide them with exceptional support, products, experiences, and services. I care about customers, users, and team members a lot. Like….a lot a lot. 🙂

In my spare time, I’m a jazz singer, loving spouse & friend, daughter, cat-mom, volunteer, sommelier, writer, foodie, world traveler, ambivert, and a good kind of weird! I am a strong believer in diversity, inclusion, and people being their whole selves in & out of work.