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Napa Valley


Cat Cottage
Sunny San Diego to A-list Los Angeles. Romantic Monterey to sparkles by the bay... and everywhere in between. David and I were California dreamin’, big time. In June 2015 we packed our bags, flew from NYC to San Diego, and hopped our asses in a little red convertible mustang. Wild at heart and madly in...MORE

La Magia de Madrid

Laney & David, Royal Palace of Madrid, November 2014 In November of 2014, David and I collaborated on booking and creating our first international trip together. We had been dating for over a year and by that time, had made our cohabitation commitment. We already knew we were in harmony after traveling to San Juan,...MORE

Amsterdam in Bloom

After a prolonged and gloomy winter in Stockholm, David and I were eager to travel somewhere that had a legitimate semblance of spring. In March to April of 2017, we booked an impulse (and much needed) trip to Amsterdam. Spring in Amsterdam means locals are waking up from the spell of the winter, plants are sexing...MORE