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The past 3 months have been hugely successful for David and I. We were both able to make positive shifts in our careers. More specifically, I’ve joined the consulting world to gain new experience and growth in my role.

David and I moved back to New York City from Stockholm and found a large, cozy 1 bedroom apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn thanks to the help of our wonderful and generous friends that we’re so grateful to have in our lives. After putting in some elbow grease, paint, hard work, and a lot of love, our apartment has a warm and welcoming Italian-Filipino vibe that accurately reflects our tastes and backgrounds.

To celebrate, we recently threw a little shindig, sitting around our dining table with friends/family and sharing our favorite international foods. Salty, sour, savory, sweet - we enjoyed delicious bites, drinks, and rolling laughter together. We’ve also been connected with a new friend and talented musician in our neighborhood that we’re hoping to collaborate more with in the near future.

My biggest takeaway for the last quarter is that with enough willpower and trust in the universe, I really can make anything happen.

To kick off Q2, I’ve started putting more energy toward my health with regular morning exercise routines, running, and nutritious eating. My hope for the future is to delve more into the arts while balancing my health, career, and social life. Whether it be painting, songwriting, or blogging, I have a lot of emotions to express and I can’t wait to channel that energy into something more tangible.

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