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2018 Journey Line

Holy guacamole! 2018 was one for the books – a full year of pushing my comfort zone and practicing self-compassion.

What I accomplished:

  1. Successfully landed a new job in Brooklyn.
  2. Moved back home to NYC from Stockholm and settled into a beautiful new neighborhood and apartment.
  3. Transformed into a bad-ass warrior, symbolized by 2 sleeves of Aeta-Kalinga inspired tattoos. Thank you Victor Webster!
  4. Opened 3 sustainable, socially responsibleĀ investment accounts.
  5. Celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary in Phoenix and spent some quality time with my Mamma.
  6. Passed my Sommelier exam and got that pin (that I still hold and wear around the apt with a glass of wine at least once per week)!
  7. Had my first real vocal jazz performances at Arturo’s and The Mezzrow in Manhattan!
  8. Made big strides in my career growth as Lead Product Manager.
  9. Played our first band gig as Fortuneteller.
  10. Made a huge planetary impact with my team and the Global Commons Initiative – winning 1st place for the Judge’s Choice Award and 2nd place for the Audience Choice Award.
  11. Celebrating the holidays at home with friends and loved ones here in Brooklyn! Time to ring in the New Year with a trip to Mexico.

I canā€™t thank David, Friends, and Family enough for their support and making this year so incredibly special!

I’m in planning mode for 2019, so stay tuned…

Kalinga Filipina